What Are Binary Options?

One of the best financial instruments to take advantage of today is binary options trading.

At the most basic level, the object of binary options trading is predicting whether an asset’s price will rise or fall within a specific period of time.

How Does Binary Options Trading Work?

The return on investments at 10trade can be easily up to 80% and higher, meaning every trade you make has a significant chance to earn a substantial profit.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you think Google’s stock price will rise in the next hour. You can purchase an option of your prediction for the amount you choose, instead of paying the price per share, currently about $900. Don’t forget that binary options trading will allow investors to avoid costly broker fees as well.

Instead of waiting for your one share of Google stock to mature to $950 over the next few weeks or months, netting you a profit of $50, you can purchase binary options. For example, opening 19 binary options of $50 predicting that Google’s stock would rise in sixty minutes, at the minimum return rate of 70%, would earn you $35 profit on each option, or $1,275 total should that Google stock rise in sixty minutes. That’s an additional $325 in profit when compared to the purchase of just one share of Google stock. Better yet, you can collect on your investment as soon as your expiry time is reached.

Binary options are not only a lucrative trading solution, but their benefits can be seen virtually instantly when compared to traditional stock options.

What Are Some Other Benefits Of Binary Options Trading?

Another benefit of binary options is their transparency. There is no hidden machine behind the workings of binary options. Your investment amount is known before purchase, your expiry time is predetermined, and all the activity up until your payout can be monitored and tracked using special tools provided by 10trade.