Binary Trading Tools

10trade offers the most professional and sophisticated online trading platforms on the market. Our platform’s system uses up-to-the-minute trading quotations and rates provided by Leverate.

Digital Options Pro

10trade Digital Options Pro Platform allows you to choose any of the available assets from the drop down menu, and a range of expiries, every 15 minutes depending on your chosen asset. You must simply determine whether the digital option will end at a higher or lower rate than the active trade rate when you entered the trade.

Once you have committed to the trade, the platform automatically monitors your trade and exits at the appointed time without you even needing to be logged into the system. You will then be sent an e-mail notification with the closing status of each trade.

You can easily follow the status of ongoing trades at the bottom of the Trading Platform page or from your account page.

Long Term

Trading binary options has always been about short-term, low risk and high reward investments. The explosion in the popularity of binary trades is largely attributable to their relatively short expirations and the quick feedback they provide traders. Now though, with an ever-growing contingent of educated and experienced binary traders, longer expirations are increasingly coming into favour. Do you have a hunch regarding that smartphone manufacturer’s market share come the fiscal quarter’s end? Now you can place long term binary trades that capitalize on your wider view of the global markets. If your hunches prove to be correct and your trades expire in-the-money, they will periodically provide your trading account with a welcome boost throughout the year.

One Touch Platform

The One Touch Platform is unique offering up to 500% payouts on every trade. It comes with predefined rates needed to win the trade, rather than the trader simply predicting whether the value of the underlying asset will increase or decrease.

Options can only be purchased over the weekend when the trading markets are closed. Then the trades take place during the week. If the asset touches or has passed the specific level by 17:00 GMT on Monday, the system declares a win, and you receive a payout of up to 500%, however, there is always the possibility for the investors to lose their invested capital. If you are out of the money, the trade will continue in the same manner until Friday when the platform expires, continuously checking each day to see if the price has reached the rate needed for a win. This gives you 5 days and 5 chances to hit the target.

One Touch is ideal for traders who believe that the price of an underlying asset will reach the predefined level in the future, but who are unsure about the sustainability of this price.

60 Second Platform

The 10trade 60 Second trading platform offers you the quickest trades in the industry. The beauty of 60 second trading is that if the value of an asset is clearly moving in one direction, you can take full advantage by conducting a number of successive trades to increase your profits. However, due to the short term life of the Option, the Risk to have the Option expired out of the money is higher. This makes the platform ideal for traders who are excited by the prospect of quick rewards, and who are able to respond quickly and effectively to sudden market movements.


Our pair options give traders the opportunity to pit two assets against each other and forecast how they will perform. Inspired by the way currencies are paired in the world’s foreign exchange markets, our pair options allow you to trade on the relative performance of two commodities such as Gold vs Silver or stocks like Apple vs Google. This opens up a whole world of new trades for the well-informed binary traders.


Our ladder trading platform combines the most exciting and potentially profitable elements of Binaries and Vanilla options, giving traders five different strike prices on underlying assets for an amazing, new approach to investment.

Choose whether your Binary Option will be Above or Below the Strike Price, and a summary screen gives you the Expiry Time, Investment Amount, Payout, Asset and Strike Price. Then, it’s simply a question of watching your trade play out in real time.