Privacy Policy

Security and Privacy

Your personal information and financial security is the ultimate importance to us. We invest extensive resources to protect our customers’ privacy, and use the most advanced security procedures and encryption systems available. By opening an account, the Client hereby gives 10trade its consent to such collection, processing, storage and use of personal information. We ask you to take the following measures to stay safe when trading:


Users access the system by entering a username and password. Your password is personal and must not be disclosed to others, not even to customer service personnel. Never save your username or password on or near a computer.


Choose a password that cannot be easily deciphered, preferably consisting of random characters and digits. Change your password every three months. In the event that your password may have been revealed to others, please change it immediately.

Usage of Personal Information/OPT OUT

10trade uses personal information only as required to provide quality service and security to you. This information helps improve services, customize browsing experience and enables us to inform you of additional products, services or promotions relevant to you and the products and services you require and you consent to us using this data for such purposes. If you do not want to receive information of this nature for any reason, please contact us at the following address: Although you are not required to provide 10trade any of the personal information that we may request please note that failure to do so could result in 10trade not being able to open your account or provide you with the service you require. Whilst we attempt to ensure that all the information we hold about you is current, accurate and complete, we urge you to immediately contact us if any of your personal details have changed. Protection of personal information and any personal information you provide us will be treated as confidential and shared only within 10trade and its affiliates and will not be disclosed to any third party except under any regulatory or legal proceedings. The personal information that you provide in connection with registering yourself as a user of the Site is protected in many ways. You can access your Registration Information through a password selected by you. This password is encrypted and known only to you and shall not be revealed to anyone else. Registration Information is safely stored on secure servers that only authorized personnel have access to via password. 10trade encrypts all personal information as it is transferred to 10trade and thus makes all necessary effort to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing any such information.

Regulatory Disclosure

10trade reserves the right to disclose personal information to third parties where required by law, regulatory, law enforcement or other government authority of a competent jurisdiction in order to protect our rights and/or to comply with such legal proceedings. Such disclosure shall occur on a ‘need-to-know’ basis, unless otherwise instructed by a regulatory or other government authority. Under such circumstances, 10trade shall expressly inform the third party regarding the confidential nature of the information.


I have read, understood and agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy Statement, and I confirm that I have full power and authority to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy Statement. Please feel free to contact our service team if you have any questions or concerns.