Binary Trading Features


10trade now offers incentives to its loyal customers as a thank you for sharing the platform with family and friends. With the new Refer-a-Friend element, clients can now refer friends to the 10trade platform directly via a specialized link and e-mail. Once the referred friend makes a $200 deposit, BOTH of you (the referrer and referee) receive a $50 bonus deposited right into each of your accounts. There is no limit to the amount of bonuses a trader can receive, the more referrals, the better. This is 10trades special way of saying thank you for being our most valued users for sharing the love of binary options with the special people in their lives.

Ladder Options

For skilled binary options traders, Ladder Options is a beneficial trading strategy tool added to the This feature allows clients to work even more in depth with options they are trading by predicting several strike points an option might hit. When this feature is used, a trader will see a range of pre-defined price levels on an asset in the Call or Put direction, depending on their original prediction. The trader can then decide if the option will hit these numerous strike points and make investments on each. This feature allows a trader to continuously earn rewards as the value of an option “climbs” the ladder, instead of only gaining when the price of an asset moves above or below a certain point. Clients on 10trade can now retain earnings based on the continued movement of an asset with high return rates!

Candlestick Charts

10trade has added a Candlestick Chart feature where each bar represents 15 minutes of price movement. If the bar is green it means that the price increased in that 15 minute period. If the bar is red, it means the last price declined in that 15 minute period. The “coloured” part of the candle represents the movement between the open and close. The small “sticks” coming out on either side represent the highest and lowest prices reached during the given time period. These charts show more information, in a very visual way and can help clients become more profitable in their trades.