Complaints Procedure

In order to ensure the Company’s compliance with the European Legislation (MiFID) and the local legislations for Investment Firms issued by CySEC, the Company is always seeking to improve its services and resolve any possible issues that are likely to occur with its clients. The Company is obliged to establish internal procedures for handling complaints fairly and promptly.In such a case where the client is unsatisfied with any services provided by the Company, they are requested to inform the Company accordingly.

The procedure for submitting a complaint to the Company is as follows:

  1. The client can download and complete the Company’s Complaint Form, which uploaded on Company’s website. The client can attach to the Complaint Form the client’s identification documents and/or any additional documentation that would be relevant to the complaint.
  2. The Client may submit a complaint to the Company via email to
  3. Upon receipt of the aforementioned documentation, the Company will send the client a written acknowledgement of receipt of his complaint within 1 business days.
  4. The Client is advised to contact the Company if he would like further details regarding its complaints handling procedures.
  5. The Company will investigate and review the complaint made with the relevant department and will inform the client accordingly.