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Best Reads: 3 Financial Thrillers Worth Picking Up

Some of the more intriguing novels of the last century take place in the financial world. Many former bankers, investment bankers, and traders take on second careers as writers and tell page-turning stories filled with suspense, mystery, conspiracy, corruption, and naturally, excitement. These fictional worlds borrow heavily from the trope that fact is stranger than fiction and spin elaborate thrillers that electrify readers and offer insights into the financial markets.

The First Billion by Christopher Reich

American writer Christopher Reich began his working life at the Union Bank of Switzerland, but decided to try his hand at writing in the 1990s and has successfully penned many intriguing bestsellers. His third novel is set to the backdrop of the financial world and follows the gripping tale of Gulf War fighter pilot-cum-CEO Jett Gavallan. All set to earn himself and his investment firm millions with a risky deal to take Russian media giant Mercury Broadband public, all does not go as planned as soon as rumors about the company’s legitimacy start circulating. Gavallan sends his trusted second and fellow war veteran Grafton Byrnes to Moscow to investigate, who shortly disappears into the night. Events quickly spin out of control, trapping Jet in an unbelievable conspiracy, threatening the peace among nations and the very global economy.   Amazon Buy Now

Nest of Vipers by Linda Davies

Offering the rare woman’s perspective of a predominantly male world is 1995’s Nest of Vipers. This ground-breaking novel is a definite page-turner set in the world of merchant banking.  Sarah Jensen, a young foreign exchange trader, has a real knack for making money and thrives in the cutthroat environment of the City of London. She is recruited as an undercover agent to expose suspected insider trading and corruption.  This swift-paced story offers excitement and even prophecy, as shortly after the novel’s debut Nick Leeson’s unscrupulous moves brought down Barings Bank. Following a lucrative career in banking, Linda Davies began writing financial thrillers, giving everyone an insider’s view of a volatile and exciting world.   Amazon Buy Now

The Geneva Connection by Martin Bodenham

This rollercoaster ride story follows John Kent, the successful CEO of his own private equity firm, who plummets from the top of the world when he discovers that his top investor is a notorious Mexican drug cartel. After the cartel kills one of Kent’s partners to guarantee his silence and cooperation, Kent is hounded by an ambitious investigator at the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and finds himself between and rock and a hard place. This action packed, nail biting novel spans from the English countryside, to Mexican back roads and urban landscapes. Written by English-based American-born Martin Bodenham, himself a successful private equity firm owner, you will find this book difficult to put down. Amazon Buy Now

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