Additional Payment Methods

At 10trade, the safety of your deposits and withdrawals is our top priority. We offer a variety of alternative payment methods which enable you to easily transfer funds to your account in a number of currencies. Please note that not all of the payment methods may be available in your region. Please contact our customer support for further questions.



Abaqoos is an eWallet and voucher-based online payment method based in Hungary. Once you set up your Abaqoos wallet you can start processing payments easily and securely. It is currently only available as a deposit option. Funds are transferred immediately and there are no charges on deposits.


AstroPay is a prepaid virtual card which allows users to make payments in the local currency. Registration is free and there are no added fees. You choose the value of the card you wish to purchase and start buying. AstroPay ensures complete user confidentiality and protects your personal and financial information.


Bank Link is an Internet payment system which allows for purchases to be made via Swedbank Internet Banking. It is a secure and rapid means of payment and prevents the malicious use of the personal information. A commission charge is automatically added to payments.


BankLink UNET is an online bank transfer system available in Estonia. It allows customers to transfer funds from their Hansabank or Swedbank accounts to pay for goods or services. Security is guaranteed, as transfers are made within the customer’s own internet banking facility. As an additional perk, neither credit card nor personal details are required to transfer funds.


Boleto, meaning ‘ticket’, is a payment method regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks. Each ‘boleto’ has a due date and can be paid at ATMs, branch facilities and internet banking of any Bank, Post Office, Lottery Agent and some supermarkets.


CashU provides secure payment solutions for Arabic speaking clients. A CashU Payment Account is a secure wallet used for making online purchases. It provides customers highly advanced protection against fraud with no added fees. It is similar to a credit card, but with the added bonus of allowing you to control and protect your funds by limiting your balance to only to the amount necessary to cover immediate purchases.


DineroMail is an online payment system that allows clients to make payments online via cash deposit, credit card deposit, e-wallet and bank transfer. By functioning as an intermediary between the bank of the sender and the bank of the recipient, DineroMail is capable of providing quick, convenient and secure payment options.


eCards are the number one method for completing hassle-free transactions online. These non-physical debit cards can be used to make secure and convenient payments on the internet. eCards can be easily topped up online using a unique registration card number. It is possible to set a maximum deposit limit in order to safeguard your funds.


eKonto is a type of a bank account offered by Raiffeisen Bank in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Purchases can be made in real time from your bank account and are highly secure. A benefit of using eKonto is that you are charged one flat rate instead of being billed for each account transaction made. Users also receive unlimited ATM withdrawals and domestic transactions. is the Bulgarian system for making electronic payments online. Users can make purchases safely on the internet, without needing to disclose their card information every time a purchase is made. Simply add your card details to and when you shop online, log into your profile using your username and password to confirm payments.



The Express Payment System (EPS) is an electronic payment system of the Expressnet interbank network in the Philippines. Processing an EPS online payment only requires netbanking authorization, meaning that netbanking users don’t need to register again and can utilize the same user number and PIN.


Euteller is an instant bank transfer service for clients of Finnish banks whereby merchants can accept payments directly from the purchaser’s online bank account. The primary perk of this payment method is that no credit card or personal details need to be disclosed when making deposits or withdrawals online. There is one single access point for all Finnish bank members in order to streamline the process.


Giropay is a real time internet payment system for clients of over 1,500 German banks. It enables clients to make payments securely online directly from their bank accounts. Clients with online banking can take advantage of Giropay for free without needing to register in advance. Giropay is highly secure and doesn’t share any private information such as credit card etails or account numbers with the merchant.


Hal-Cash is an internet based bank transfer payment service operated by Spanish mobile operator Telepay. This online payment method enables customers to send funds via their mobile phone and remove it immediately at an ATM without needing to be a client of that particular bank or a user of their credit card. Buyers are given a unique purchase code which can be used to make payments online or via mobile banking.


iDEAL is an e-commerce payment system which enables customers to make purchases on the internet using direct online transfers from their bank account. Available to customers in the Netherlands, buyers receive real-time confirmation of payment as their funds are transferred to the retailer’s account. It should be noted that payments made by iDEAL are irreversible.


Lobanet is a payment solution for online transfers in South America. This innovative direct-banking method is utilized by almost every major bank in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and Peru. One of the major advantages of Lobanet is that it accepts all currencies, enabling customers to bypass shifting conversion rates. Registration isn’t necessary and it is completely free to use. To process a payment, customers only need to have an online banking account with a participating bank. This means that the customer never discloses any personal or financial details, safeguarding against fraud.


Mister Cash allows real-time card payments via a debit card which is connected to a Belgian checking account. This card can be used when paying for products and services both online and offline. To get started, customers need to sign up for a Mister Cash debit card, with which they can execute payments and authenticate them afterwards on their bank’s website for added security.


Moneta is a Russian eWallet internet payment system. Deposits and withdrawals can be made on numerous websites to pay utility bills, buy e-tickets, trade and game online and much more. To make a payment, the customer needs to select the Moneta payment method, which will redirect them to Moneta’s payment page. They must then log into their Moneta account in order to complete the payment.


Multibanco is a payment system based in Portugal and comprises of a sophisticated system of over 11,000 Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) as well as a virtual credit card. To create a credit card online, the customer must register and enter a limit amount. They then receive their virtual credit card, which can be an American Express, Visa or MasterCard, which has both a credit card number and security codes to be used when paying online.


Neosurf is a simple and secure pre-pay voucher payment method. Customers are not required to register or submit any personal details. A prepaid card or voucher is used to make purchases and any unused funds are stored for future use. Prepaid cards are sold in units ranging from €10 to €100 and can be bought via credit card or in cash from a sales point. This payment method is available to customers living in Andorra, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.


PayU can be used to conduct secure payments online. PayU offers its services in the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Latin America, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and Turkey. Users select the PayU payment option on the trader’s website and are provided with a specific code. They then bring this code to a local bank or store where they can pay in cash. The trader is notified that the funds have been transferred and issues a confirmation before initiating the delivery of the goods or services.


POLi is a web based payment method currently available within Australia and New Zealand. It allows customers to pay for goods and services via the internet banking systems of numerous supported banks. Funds are debited instantly from the purchaser’s account without the need to use a credit card, protecting sensitive information in the process. While there are no costs for making payments with POLi, individual banks may apply fees for making electronic transfers.


POLi NZ is an internet debit payment system specifically targeted to consumers in New Zealand. Consumers can use internet banking to securely transfer funds for goods and services. No registration is required and the service is completely free to use. A credit card is not needed and users can avoid accruing any costly surcharges. Payments are made instantly and the buyer receives a receipt instantly as proof of purchase.


Przelewy is a secure bank transfer payment system which caters to customers of over 18 major banks in Poland. It is possible to avail of both real-time and delayed bank transfer services. Payments made via Przelewy clear within 15 minutes for rapid and secure transactions. Customers can track the status of their payment using a unique password and payment number offered by Przelewy. A perk of this payment method is that it doesn’t disclose any of its clients’ identification data and allows for complaints to be filed and funds returned in the case of customer dissatisfaction.


SafetyPay is a real-time payment system that allows buyers to make secure online purchases worldwide and pay directly through their local bank account in their currency of choice. No credit cards are required and payments are processed securely and confidentially. This service is available in the USA, Latin America, Canada and Europe and safeguards against fraud while banking.


SOFORT enables customers to shop online using their own online banking login details while securing their transactions on the web. This payment method is available in numerous European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.


SporoPay is a real-time banking payment service offered in Slovakia. Customers can use their online bank accounts to make payments for goods or services directly to merchants. Simply select the SporoPay payment method and confirm the payment on the bank’s website. This service is free of charge and enables buyers to pay directly from the internet trader’s website.


Teleingreso is an online payment method for Spanish customers to pay for goods and services. When making a purchase on a merchant’s website, a unique 9 digit transaction code is generated. The consumer can then visit an ATM, post office or retail outlet to pay, after which the merchant receives the funds and issues a confirmation email.


Ticket Surf is a secure online means of payment in France. Customers can take advantage of this service by purchasing a Ticket Surf voucher either via their website or from one of 35,000 retailers. The purchaser receives a receipt with an 11 or 16 digit voucher code which is entered when selecting Ticket Surf as one’s online payment method. This method is ideal for those who prefer not to share their bank card details online, providing secure, reliable and confidential online shopping.


Todito Cash is a prepaid card and eWallet service available in Mexico. It allows users to recharge their cards using their credit card at branches of Mexican banks Banco Azteca and HSBC. On accessing the trader’s website and selecting Todito Cash, you will be redirected to a payment summary page. Simply enter your Todito Cash card number and pin and press ‘confirm’ to process your payment.


TrustPay is a licensed payment institution which provides effective money transfer solutions. Its services include instant bank transfers with over 60 European banks and worldwide card payment processing. Shoppers must register for an account and submit either their card or bank details. When making a purchase on a merchant’s website, simply select the TrustPay payment method and you will be redirected to your bank’s page to confirm the purchase. No fees are charged on payments processed by TrustPay.


UseMyBank is a payment method that uses customers’ preexisting online banking systems securely to make payments registered sellers. Because it uses online banking systems which already exist, there’s no need to register one’s details. Buyers can also pay in their bank account’s currency. All that is needed to make a successful transaction is a valid email address and phone number.


WebMoney is an online payment system which allows users to process secure payments instantly worldwide. Customers of WebMoney are predominantly residents of Russia and the Former Soviet Union, although its services are available across the globe. WebMoney’s services include fund tracking, dispute resolution and the safe processing of online transactions. Among its methods of transferring funds are prepaid cards and vouchers, bank wire, electronic money and bank branch transfers.


Yandex.Money is Russia’s largest electronic payment service. Financial transactions are processed in real time and allow for money to be transferred in Russian rubles online. Payments can be made via mobile, bank card, electronic money or by a cash transaction in one of their 170,000 payment terminals. Yandex.Money also offers e-Wallets and money cards for paying for goods and services online.


QIWI is a wallet electronic payment system used for paying for goods and services online. Its virtual wallets are co-branded with Visa and operate from self-service terminals and kiosks. QIWI is available in Ukraine and the Russian Federation and processes payments in Russian rubles. To make a payment with QIWI, select the payment method on the merchant’s checkout page and enter your QIWI account number.


The paysafecard allows users to make payments online quickly and safely. Over 450,000 outlets worldwide sell the paysafecard, which can be used to pay for goods in thousands on shops online. Privacy is guaranteed, as customers are not required to enter any personal information or bank account or credit card details. Payments can be made by entering one’s 16 digit paysafecard PIN.